Architectural changes of the church chancel.

          Christmas 1881

             Easter 1934

              Christmas 1950  

              Christmas 1994  

              Sunday Eucharist 2001  

              Christmas Eve 2016  


    St. Mary's Altar
    Easter 2016

In 1957 St. Mary's altar was placed at the end of the church's 
west aisle. It was given in memory of Charles Hood and wife, Mary, by his children, Robert and Dorothy Hood. In 1996, a scaled-down copy of the main altar reredos was crafted by Mr. Gerald Johnson. It is so perfectly and beautifully copied and will serve as a lasting memorial to Rodney Casey. The crucifix on St. Mary's altar was given in memory of Frank E. Boyle, by his son, Carl Boyle, who found this cross in a small shop in Marburg, Germany, where the owners had kept it hidden from the Nazis during World War II.