Linen Closet Receives Appreciation


Genesee Orleans Ministry of Concern would like to thank St John’s Episcopal Church Linen Closet in Medina for the consistent generosity of gifts in the 2015-2016 year. We received several deliveries of sheets and blankets of all sizes as well as various personal care items throughout the year which aided in assisting the many families in Orleans County in need. The winter seasons are very tough on many families and they struggle to stay warm; the gift of a blanket for each family member gives them warmth and a feeling of well being during these times. The families who receive the sheets and blankets are appreciative and very grateful. Genesee Orleans Ministry of Concern is proud to offer this service to the many clients and their families; thank you St John’s Episcopal Church Linen Closet!

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The Linen Closet recieved funding through the Eucharist collection at the annual convention in October 2016 which will allow us to purchase blankets and linens as needed this winter.




Advent Brings Community Sharing



St. John's joins our Village of Medina in preparation for the coming Christmas Season each year with the collection of new toys, warm mittens and hats, and items for the local food pantry.